Wednesday, October 20, 2010

something old, something new

Week-by-week, we explore new ways of recycling and reusing materials that have been damaged or discarded.  We provide a creative workshop space where the participants are given the opportunity to brainstorm how to use waste products to turn them into a material that can be used to create something new.

In traditional African societies, women were assigned the role of educator. Girls approaching adulthood were specifically trained in their responsibilities and duties, and taught life-skills. Elderly women were responsible for this training, and they often did this by passing on stories that conveyed moral teachings and clear messages about life. In cities, this delicate system of passing on knowledge has been lost. Through this project, we hope to foster relationships between younger and older women where this kind of interaction can take place. The older women assist with training, formally by passing on their sewing and craft-making skills, and informally by passing on life lessons and skills.

photography: sthembiso mntambo

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